is foundation repair an emergency?

Is Repairing My Home Foundation an Emergency or Is it Okay to Wait?

You’re stressing about wanting to get your foundation repairs done right away. It feels like an emergency. But maybe you can’t get the project going for financial reasons or you’re not quite ready for some other reason. 

Or worse, you’re told by your foundation repair contractor that you have to wait because there are other jobs in front of you! Oh dear . . . is it okay to wait that long??

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We understand the stress and anxiety that comes with overwhelming repair projects. At Anchor Foundation Repair, we offer fair and impartial assessments, empowering education, and a fully transparent repair process. After 35+ years in business, we want you to know as much about foundation repair as we do and we can fill you in on the urgency of the situation.

This article discusses why you might have to wait on your foundation repairs and why it’s okay. The vast majority of foundation repairs are not emergencies and it’s going to be alright, but we’ll tell you why.

Is Repairing Foundation Problems an Emergency?

Foundation problems are not typically *emergency* situations. It’s not like when you have a broken water supply line in your house with water going everywhere. It’s not even like your electricity going out due to bad wiring and you obviously need your power back ASAP. 

don't freak out about foundation problems

Foundation issues take many years to develop and drastic changes do not tend to happen overnight or within a few months on your typical single-family residential structure.

For the vast majority of Central Texas homes, a foundation problem is not an emergency-type problem to get fixed with urgency. You can wait a while and not much will change if for some reason the repairs can’t happen right away. 

It is safe to wait until either you or the foundation repair contractor are ready to get started.

Why Is It Safe to Wait on Foundation Repairs?

You might be wondering how we can say that it’s safe to wait. The way that homes are constructed is a layer-by-layer process and everything is very interconnected. Your home is being held together in many different ways. 

its okay to wait on foundation repairs

If one part of your home is moving a little, the *interwoven* nature of your home helps keep it together. A large moving part like your foundation doesn’t cause immediate damage due to all the other parts attached to other parts all over the place. Plus, slabs don’t move catastrophic amounts all at once, it’s a very slow and gradual process. A few months or even a year isn’t going to produce drastic changes.

The signs that you see in your home that signal a *foundation problem* are typically cosmetic surface layer issues at the moment. 

It’s a lot like having a cut on your skin. It doesn’t look great or feel good, but you’re not about to fall apart. Just because you have a small cut on your arm doesn’t mean all your bones are broken and you’re going to immediately fall over.

Now, you don’t want to let your foundation issue go on forever and ever, but waiting a short while isn’t going to suddenly result in walls or a roof toppling to the ground. At worst, a crack might get a little longer or a gap might get a little wider while you are waiting for repairs to start.

Will My Home Be Okay While Waiting for Foundation Repairs?

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So, will your home be okay while you wait for foundation repairs to get started? Yes, it will be *a-okay* and you should not worry or stress. Also, depending on the time of year during your wait, the condition of your home could improve slightly due to increased moisture levels and seasonal rebounding.

We’ve repaired thousands of homes in the Brazos Valley area and have never witnessed a major issue coming up when a repair start time is delayed by a few months.

How Long Is It Acceptable to Delay Foundation Repair?

Delaying foundation repairs for a few months or through a year of monitoring for foundation issues is more than okay. We often recommend watching your home for a year if you haven’t been living there long just to establish a true foundation problem vs. foundation settlement.

Of course, there are some situations where you might not want to wait that long. For example:

deciding if you should start or wait on foundation repairs

We’ve even got an article that covers all the good reasons you might wait on foundation repairs.

AND an article discussing reasons to get started sooner on your foundation repairs too. Always remember that cost increases and inflation impact the price of the repairs later on. Costs usually go up year after year and rarely decrease.

Why Do I Have to Wait on My Foundation Repairs with Anchor?

Now that you know it’s okay to wait and that you don’t have to prepare much in most cases, are you wondering what the specific reason is for your wait with Anchor? There are a couple of typical reasons:

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we know you’re concerned about the home you love. You want the most experienced and professional company, the best foundation repair method, a great warranty, excellent service, awesome communication, and efficient work. 

don't stress about waiting on foundation repairs
Be like this guy and relax while you wait…

In other words, YOU. WANT. IT. ALL. Sometimes that means waiting for the company you trust most to provide that for you. As a reminder while you wait, check out the service features that set us apart from the competition. We do what others don’t because you deserve the best foundation repairs that your hard-earned money can buy.