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House Leveling: Is Anchor Foundation Repair the Best Fit for Your Needs?

You’re looking for *the best* foundation repair company to handle house leveling for your pier and beam home. So naturally, you ask everyone’s best friend Mr. Google to find you the “best pier and beam foundation repair near me” and here we are . . . 

Anchor Foundation Repair

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we have been leveling homes and repairing both slab and pier and beam foundations since 1985. Are we the best foundation repair company in Bryan, College Station, and surrounding Brazos Valley communities? Well maybe . . . 

I mean . . . let’s not rule that out, but that’s not what matters to you . . . you need to find the foundation repair contractor that is best FOR YOU.

This article will cover the top needs most homeowners have when it comes to house leveling. Then we will discuss whether or not that’s a need Anchor Foundation Repair can best meet for you.

Side Note: You can call it house leveling or pier and beam foundation repairs or crawl space home repairs — it’s all about the same to us. But this process has several common terms so we are just considering them all to mean about the same thing as far as a homeowner is concerned.

You Need the Fastest Pier and Beam Foundation Repairs

We may not be the best fit for everyone as far as how quickly we can get to your home or how long it will take to complete pier and beam repairs. We can sometimes be competitive when it comes to doing the job at the fastest speed, and sometimes not. It mostly depends on the scope of work and time of year.

fast house leveling

We generally have foundation repair projects in the pipeline and homeowners kinda have to “get in line” to get on the schedule. 

After you have had an in-home foundation inspection visit and accepted your proposal, we can typically start a pier and beam repair project from 4 to 6 weeks out. Once we have started on your home, the vast majority of house leveling projects timelines are completed in a week or less. 

Sometimes, we can hop on a smaller project fairly quickly if it will only take a day or two.

You Need the Least Expensive Crawl Space Repair

We totally get that some people just need the cheapest repair. 

paying for house leveling

This could be because you are selling your home right now and are trying to get it under contract. This could be because you are an investor or home-flipper and are trying to minimize expenses. This could be because you simply need the lowest cost you can find to solve your pier and beam foundation problem. 

*Spoiler alert* – Anchor might not be the least expensive foundation repair quote you get. 

We are generally not competitive when it comes to the lowest prices. Our focus is more on providing the highest-quality and longest-lasting house leveling possible for our area’s unique expansive clay conditions.

Speaking of costs, here’s an article that talks generally about cost ranges for house leveling: Cost of Pier and Beam Foundation Repair: How Much for House Leveling?

Scenario Where Our Repairs Could Cost Less

There is one kind of scenario where our house leveling services might be less expensive. Sometimes, we can come in lower on pricing because we listen better to serve your specific needs. 

foundation repair BCS

If you really just need this door unstuck and that floor to stop shaking, we can do small-scale repairs that address your most important concerns. Whereas, some pier and beam foundation contractors insist on doing the whole home no matter what and won’t do anything less.

You Want a Local Business for Your House Leveling Project

This might be more like if you want a local business. Today’s consumers purposefully seek out local businesses to support and use to meet their needs for goods and services. Anchor Foundation Repair was born in the Brazos Valley.

BCS Foundation Repair

Founded in 1985 in Bryan/College Station, this family business was built one home and one homeowner at a time, doing honest and transparent work for our neighbors. Anchor aims to be the best, not the biggest, foundation repair company around.

The next generation has taken over and a long-term vision of service excellence continues to be the cornerstone of the business. Anchor Foundation Repair’s success is in taking care of your needs. This results in you telling the rest of the community how Anchor’s service made a difference for you as a homeowner.

A Local Business Includes Local Knowledge

The other side of the “local coin” is this: Anchor knows the unique soil properties of this area like no other and has expertly been working with this dirt for 35+ years straight. 

A service contractor headquartered out of Houston, Austin, or San Antonio deals with different kinds of soil conditions and might not have quite as much experience with our localized needs.

house leveling estimate

You Want the Best Service and Quality for House Leveling

More important than the stability we bring to the home, is the value of our service. We have thorough and experienced house leveling teams. Anchor knows how to handle everything under your home with skill and stands behind our work with a fair service agreement. 

home pier and beam foundation repair

To Anchor, homeowner confidence is more valuable to us than the “lowest price tag” award. We are never trying to beat another contractor’s price, but we are trying to win the competition with quality and value.

Not everyone is looking for a long-term fix best suited to the area. We understand that well and can suggest other contractors that could better meet your needs if you just need the “just enough” repair. Some companies are cheaper, easier, faster, and don’t have the goal to last as long as possible, but that just ain’t our style . . . 

You Want a Warranty for Your Repaired Pier and Beam Home

We are so confident in our methods, that we offer a transferable 3-year warranty for house leveling repairs. Not only do we place the highest emphasis on your satisfaction throughout the job process, but we also guarantee it when we’re finished.

Anchor Foundation Repair Warranty

If you sell your home, the warranty will transfer during the 3-year period. We keep the home address on file and if someone calls for warranty work, it’s easy to look up and handle for you.

Within the first year, there is no charge for warranty work. In years 2 and 3, there are per-hour service charges according to your Service Agreement.

If a warranty is important to you and your home, be sure to ask any other contractor you are considering about their warranty policy.

Want a House Leveling Company that Wants What’s Best for You?

Over the years we have observed that there are certain homeowners that we are “best fit” to serve, and it’s not everybody. Plus, the best choice for you is not always the same for every homeowner. Everyone’s list of top needs and wants is different or at least in a different priority order of what is the very most important to the least.

house leveling inspection

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we recognize that there are not *best and worst* foundation repair companies, just better and worse fits for certain people and certain projects. Above all, we want what’s best for you and your home. We know that it might not always be us and that’s okay too.

But if you feel like our service qualities align best with your needs, fill out a contact form to begin the quoting process when you’re ready.