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House Leveling with Anchor: 4 Service Features that Set Us Apart

You need your pier and beam or crawlspace foundation leveled. Some people call this foundation repair while others call this “house leveling” but either way, your house needs some help getting its *underside* to function properly. 

But how do you know who to use? Who can you trust to do a good job for your home?

Anchor Foundation Repair Bryan College Station

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we have been repairing crawl space foundations (and slabs!) in Bryan, College Station, and greater Brazos Valley communities for over 35 years. We know what makes our customers ultimately happy and it has to do with our repair technique and service features.

There are four specific things about our house leveling services that set us apart from other foundation repair companies in the area:

  1. Taking Care of Your Home As If It Were Our Own
  2. Using the Appropriate Materials and Approach for Your Home
  3. Focussing on the Right Cues During the Raising Process
  4. Communicating Throughout the Foundation Repair Process

Yes, we do house leveling for crawlspace homes, and yes we are biased about the quality of our techniques and process. I mean, we probably should be right? 

However, we will explain these service features to you in a factual way. We include customer input that supports our claims so that you can understand better what makes us a little different so that you can see if we are a good fit for your house leveling needs. Let’s *review* what sets Anchor apart from the competition.

Reviews for Anchor Foundation Repair on House Leveling

You might have looked over reviews of foundation repair companies in the area. That’s a great place to start when trying to find a contractor who does house leveling services for your crawl space foundation. Perhaps you have already noticed that we have the following review scores (all out of 5-star scaling):

choosing a foundation repair company

4.9 on Angi (formerly Angie’s List)

5.0 on Google

5.0 on Better Business Bureau

We’re pretty happy with those reviews and encourage you to read them. These homeowners have valuable feedback about our services from their perspective, especially the ones that give lots of detail.

Here are some actual quotes from customers who recently used our house leveling services to fix their pier and beam or block and base home:

“Anchor Foundation is awesome. Took very good care of us and our house! Thank you, Craig, Leo, Luis, and company!”

Lee, August 2022

“We used Anchor Foundation on our old farmhouse (1952) and they did a phenomenal job. They were very courteous, worked quickly, and were priced well.”

Blake, July 2022

“Excellent service, helpful suggestions, and professional courteous staff. I was very pleased with the foundation work completed on my old Craftsman house, which had considerable issues when I purchased it recently.”

Jordana, May 2022

We’re not trying to brag here. When people take the time to carefully itemize all the things they were happy about with Anchor Foundation Repair, we think it’s kinda special.

Service Features for Anchor’s House Leveling Customers

protecting your yard during house leveling

We’ve got four things that we notice that people appreciate about our services. Not every house leveling foundation repair company does these things or might not do them well. Let’s check out the 4 house leveling service features that set us apart and we’ll use more customer reviews to back them up.

1. Taking Care of Your Home As If It Were Our Own

I’m sure every company likes to claim this feature, but we take it pretty seriously. Treating your home as if it were our own is a way of life here at Anchor.

We understand that homeowners are concerned about their landscaping, yard, and time during the house leveling repair process. We take extra steps to ensure that your home is protected and remains orderly and safe while repairs are underway. 

  • Temporary transplant of landscaping when needed
  • Relocation and return of any decor or yard items to the original locations (we take pictures to make sure things get put back right)
  • Use of plywood paths to protect your grass from excess activity
  • Protecting indoor areas with plastic or paper coverings when necessary
  • Careful and neat placement of materials in a location non-disruptive to residents
  • Daily clean-up before leaving at the end of each day
  • Extensive clean-up at the end of the project
  • Schedules that can work around child naptimes and work-from-home meetings
  • Reasonable accommodation for pets when needed

“Excellent work; can’t praise them enough. Through difficult environmental conditions (105 degrees heat) they continued until the job was done. Good communications throughout and a sense of care and customer well-being.”

John, Sept 2022

2. Using the Appropriate Materials and Approach for Your Home

Even though pier and beam and crawlspace homes seem like simple structures that anyone could figure out, they are actually quite complex and interconnected. We understand crawl space foundation damage and repairs through many years of experience. 

Many of our team members have been with us for 10 years or more (which is kind of amazing in the construction industry). Because of this extensive field experience, we know what it takes to make it a more stable and functional home for you, which includes:

house leveling vs. pier and beam repair

I realize that all that stuff might not make sense to you, but links are provided so that you can follow them if you want further info. In summary, we use the right stuff in all the right places and are always keeping you at the forefront of any repair decisions (even if it means it’s harder on us).

“Craig, Leo, and the team were great! I’ve had my pier and beam house leveled twice in the last 5 years by another contractor. Craig immediately diagnosed a problem that the other guys missed and got me fixed up. This old house has never felt as sturdy underfoot as it does today! And, they got rid of three snakes under my house!”

Tripp, August 2022

3. Focussing on the Right Cues During the Raising Process

The raising process of house leveling is when we return your home to its original elevation. Now, this does not mean that it will be 100% perfectly level when we are done. That is not our goal in house leveling so it’s kind of a confusing thing to call it *leveling*.

Most floors are not mathematically level when built, so we don’t use the slope of the floor to tell us when your home is back in the right place. Some inspectors and house levelers pay too much attention to floor deflection with elevation maps and fancy tools like zip levels.

house leveling service features

We focus more on functionality like making the doors and windows work right and close properly, closing up wall cracks, or making your trim and cabinetry match back up like they used to. We seek to eliminate bouncy or rattling floors, but we don’t focus on being able to run a carpenter’s level across your floor in search of perfection.

We also don’t want to cause damage to your home during the raising process. So, we pay attention to cues from your house indicating that we need to stop raising. Depending on how a home was built or any warped framing that has developed over the years, your home will tell us when to quit.

“Top notch work! Professional, on time, and careful. The team communicated every step of the way, telling us what to expect as they worked to level our Pier and beam house. We could clearly see and feel the results of their work in a more solid floor and wall cracks that closed back up.”

Cathy, February 2022

4. Communicating Throughout the Foundation Repair Process

Do you ever wonder what exactly is happening when you have a repair crew at your home? Do you ever feel like you’re not sure what they are up to? I know I have felt that way on occasion when contractors have worked on my own home. 

It’s not a great feeling when they don’t talk to you, especially when you are spending a considerable sum of money on their services.

Communication during Foundation Repairs

Homeowners like to know what is going on with their homes, in their yards, and prefer to see progress when a large project is happening. You want to know if any problems come up and how a contractor plans to overcome them. This seems like a pretty normal thing but it’s surprising how often a repair contractor can fall short in this area.

You will get periodic updates and communications by email, phone call, and video messaging from Anchor Foundation Repair leading up to the start of a project to keep you apprised of start dates or work delays. Articles important to your project will be shared when appropriate to help you prepare for the next step happening with your home.

builder trend login for foundation repairs and house leveling

Buildertrend System Keeps You Updated on Your House Leveling Project

A system called Buildertrend is used with every homeowner. This is a way that photos and videos of work milestones can be shared with you through the entire house leveling process. This way you can see the daily progress that happens underneath your home where you are unlikely to venture.

This is where Anchor Foundation Repair really stands out from the rest. We don’t know of any other foundation repair company around here that prioritizes homeowner communication the way we do. Not really trying to toot our own horn over here, it’s just a fact. But that doesn’t stop us from being proud of it!

“Every step of the way, Anchor met and exceeded my expectations. Their consulting and inspection was clear, honest, and transparent, and they did an excellent job on the repairs as well. They also communicated well throughout the whole process, and the crew was friendly, clean, and considerate. I highly recommend Anchor to anyone else looking to do foundation repairs.”

Courtney, April 2022

Our Warranty for House Leveling Sets Us Apart Too

I guess I could have said that we have 5 features that set us apart, but the four listed above are things that happen during the active house leveling process. The warranty is something that keeps on happening after our foundation repair team has left your property. 

anchor guarantee for foundation repairs and house leveling

Not all foundation repair businesses offer a warranty and service agreement for crawl space homes. Or if they do, it can be difficult for homeowners to receive warranty work when needed. Some contractors also have loopholes in their service agreements making it nearly impossible to get follow-up services. That’s just not our style.

This is a bonus feature not offered equally by other foundation repair companies because we just don’t mess around when folks need follow-up. It’s the secure feeling that you have in knowing that Anchor Foundation Repair will be there for you should warranty work be needed in the future. We don’t make it hard on you and we prioritize warranty service as much as possible.

We’ve got a whole article that tells you more about our warranty for house leveling and answers all your possible questions in detail. Check it out!