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How much does bell bottom pier foundation repair cost? (3 factors)

Do you need your foundation repaired? If so, you are probably trying to get a better understanding of the industry and the price. 

Many homeowners are like you. That is one of the most common questions in foundation repair. Fortunately, we are here to help. 

The Anchor Foundation Repair team has been fixing foundations and homes around the Bryan/College Station area for more than 35 years. We know the most cost-effective and the best repair methods for any situation. 

On average, what is the cost of foundation repair? Unfortunately, like most of the foundation repair industry, it depends. Each repair is different, and depending on the location, material cost, and labor costs, the price of a repair will vary. 

In this article we will be covering the cost of one form of foundation repair. Bell Bottom Pier repair is one of the best types of repair in the industry but comes with a price tag. Continue reading to find out more about the cost of bell bottom pier repair and what to expect.

What Affects the Cost of Bell Bottom Pier Repair?

The cost of foundation repair is always changing. Materials, labor costs and the overhead of running a business all affect foundation repair. Different repair methods use a different amount of materials and require varying amounts of time to install.

Depending on if the house just needs stabilization or would also benefit from raising and supporting will significantly affect the cost of repair. When just stabilizing a home, fewer materials and fewer man-hours are needed allowing for cheaper costs. 

Lifting, however, can take considerably more time, depending on the amount the foundation needs to be raised. The higher a home needs to be raised, the more material that will be needed to complete the job. 

Determining what the foundation needs is the first step in determining what the cost of repair will be. 

Cost of Materials 

The price of materials used in foundation repair is continuously changing, so getting one consistent price is tough. On average, the cost of materials for one pier is $270. At least 5 or 6 piers are needed minimum to complete basic jobs.

Steel rebar, dirt, and poured concrete are all costly materials in foundation repair. Steel is used for both the rebar reinforcement in a drilled pier and for shimming. Shimming is the process of taking a steel shim and filling the gap between a pier and the home. Shims help support the home at the proper elevation. 

The most expensive material needed out of the three is concrete. Concrete will cost about $120 per yard. About two piers can be installed per yard of concrete. Dirt is used to backfill the holes around the home that were dug to do the repair. The dirt for backfilling only cost about $20 a hole and is included in the original $270.

After repair, replacing the clay soil with high-quality dirt helps the longevity of the foundation. The newly backfilled dirt will not swell and shrink as much as the expansive clay soil that was removed during the repair and prevents sinkholes and erosions from forming 

Costs of Labor

Labor costs will vary from location to location, depending on the ground type, the repair method used, and even the weather. Most of the labor costs come from the on-site crew digging the holes and manually raising the home with jacks below the home. 

The age of the home and depth of the beams determines the depth needed in order to complete the repair. More damage and settlement leads to more digging and more labor costs. 

Cost of labor for a repair is around $120 per pier installed. Having a good understanding of how far to raise the home and the potential problems surrounding it are essential to minimizing costs.


Homes located further in rural areas will typically pay more for a repair since any material that is not brought out by the foundation team needs to get delivered, which can lead to higher delivery costs.

The longer the concrete has to be transported, the more cost for the business and the homeowner. Most companies only serve a specific area based on how far the home is from the business’ location. This helps cut down on high costs for transportation to the repair location.

What is the Average Cost for Bell Bottom Pier Foundation Repair?

So how much can you expect to pay? Location, amount of settlement, and material cost will all fluctuate the price depending on what is needed. 

Bell bottom pier repair is a more expensive way to repair a foundation. However, depending on the situation and budget, other repair types are available. There are many benefits to using bell bottom piers, but the price reflects that. 

Installing one pier will not fix the foundation problems of ANY home. Most homes need a minimum of five to six piers to ensure the damage is fixed. The average cost per drilled bell bottom pier is around $650-$700.

In order to determine the exact cost, a consultation is needed—a straightforward and simple repair needing five to six piers installed on average costs between $3,700 to $4,200.

Most repairs need more than the five or six piers in the example to repair a home. On average, a home foundation repair costs between $9,000-$11,000. 

Disclaimer: All of the prices listed are estimates only. Contact a local contractor for an actual quote.

Will Insurance cover my foundation repair?

Insurance covering the cost of a foundation repair is rare. Many different insurance companies 20 years ago offered foundation insurance. Unfortunately, over time, finding an insurance policy that will cover foundation repair has become harder and harder. 

Depending on the specific coverage on the home, foundation repair might be covered by insurance. However, you should not count on insurance to cover the repair  because most insurance companies today do not offer foundation repair coverage and if they do it is on a premium package. 

If you are covered for repair then speaking with your local contractor is recommended to determine the next steps. Most companies offer financing, either through the company or through a third-party, to cover the cost of foundation repair.

Wanting to Know More About Foundation Repair?

Foundation repair is expensive, and depending on a few different factors, the price may be less or could be more. Remembering that the cost of materials is constantly changing is important because the material greatly affects the overall cost of repair. 

Understanding that labor costs are not just the actual cost of labor is important too. Overhead must be covered by all companies to pay the bills and often include these costs spread throughout labor costs. 

Knowing about the process of foundation repair and what foundation repair is can help a new or experienced homeowner make key decisions in the repair process. Different types of damage will need different repairs and knowing the options goes a long way. 

All of the costs in this article are the actual costs for Anchor Foundation Repair. If you need a foundation repair in the College Station area, Anchor Foundation Repair has been serving the Brazos Valley for over 35 years. 

Not only are we one of the best in the College Station area, but we offer many different options for our customers. From repairing the foundation all the way to financing, Anchor Foundation Repair has you covered.

For more information about foundation repair check out our other blog articles. If you are needing a foundation repair, contact us to get in touch with our repair team. 

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