how soon can I get an estimate from anchor?

How Soon Can Anchor Come Out for a Repair Estimate on Your Home?

You’re ready to get a repair estimate for some foundation or other type of work on your home from Anchor Foundation Repair. You’re really *more than ready* and want to know how fast we can come out. How. Soon. Can. That. Happen?

First, we thank you for considering Anchor. We’re grateful for the opportunity to earn your business! We understand the stress and anxiety that comes with overwhelming repair projects and know you’re anxious to get a quote, bid, estimate, or inspection. 

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At Anchor Foundation Repair, we offer fair and impartial assessments, empowering education, and a fully transparent repair process. After 35+ years in business, we’ve developed an estimation process that offers you valuable information about your home’s condition – not just a price tag. We can surely fill you in on our repair quoting process better than anyone else.

This article will quickly give you some estimated timeframes for getting an estimate from Anchor. The timelines are different depending on what kind of repair work you need, so we break it down by service type.

Can Anchor Come Out for an Estimate TODAY?

No matter what kind of services you need from Anchor, we aren’t the kind of contractor that can come out the same day that you call. So, no, we don’t do same-day estimates in most cases. Sorry, that might not be what you want to hear. 8 (

But WHY Can’t You Come Out Today??

why can't you do my estimate today?

You might wonder why we can’t come out the same day you call when it seems like other contractors or companies might be able to do that. Anchor is a high-quality and heavily in-demand service company. We often have assessments scheduled a week or two out. We simply have a lot of people who want to use Anchor and the appointments are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If a contractor can come out the same day you call, that means they don’t have other appointments already lined up for that day and are available for a visit. They are likely not as *in demand* for some reason. Just think a little bit about some reasons that might be and we’ll leave it at that.

You might think the solution to this problem of having appointments already on the calendar is to simply hire more people, but . . . 

One of the big reasons Anchor provides top-notch repairs and an unmatched homeowner experience is that we keep our company small. We stay on top of quality, training, and excellent service, ensuring that you and your home get the attention and care you deserve.

This seems like a good time to throw out the *good things come to those who wait* adage too.

When CAN Anchor Come Out for a Repair Estimate Then?

when can I get anchor to repair my home?

The real answer to the, “When can Anchor come to give me an estimate?” is . . . it depends.

Please don’t kill me. Just hear me out for a sec.

When we can come out depends on what type of repairs you are looking for. There’s a different answer for each service type. So let’s figure out what you need.

We’ve got four main service types:

  1. Slab Foundation Repair
  2. Pier and Beam House Leveling or Crawl Space Foundation Repair
  3. Concrete Leveling with Mud Jacking
  4. Under-Slab Tunneling

Jump to the correct section by selecting your project type above and get your answer.

1. When Can I Get a Slab Foundation Repair Estimate?

Slab Estimator Austin
Good ol’ Austin

Meet Austin Lewis, our Chief Slab-on-Grade Foundation Repair Estimator. Austin is a graduate of (Whoop!) Texas A&M University with a Construction Science degree. He’s married and starting a family.

Austin can usually come out for a foundation inspection and repair quote within 5-7 days of your call. If it’s a slower time of year, he might be able to set foot on your property in 1-3 days. If it’s a busier time of year, like in the summer, Austin gets pretty slammed and it might be a little over a week before he can fit you into the appointment schedule.

He will want to talk with you on the phone first and provide a free phone estimate. If you feel good about the price range presented, then Austin will come for our official In-Home Assessment which carries a cost of $225 to $275 depending on where you live. 

Your personal In-Home Assessment and quoting appointment is a 2-hour block of time dedicated to you, your home, and all your questions.

2. How Quickly Can I Get a Pier and Beam House Leveling Estimate?

Craig Pier and Beam Estimator
The Tripp-ster’s alright!

Introducing Craig Tripp, our Chief Crawl Space Repair Estimator. Craig also happens to moonlight as the Owner, CEO, and El Presidente of Anchor Foundation Repair. His wife is a Nurse Practitioner and they have 3 growing kids.

The Tripp-ster (as he likes to be called in my imagination) can typically do a crawl space assessment and quote for your pier and beam home in about 5 days. If there’s not a lot going on, he can make it faster in about 2-3 days. But sometimes things get crazy busy and your estimate might not happen for 2 weeks or thereabouts.

Craig’s going to want to talk with you on the phone first and provide a free phone estimate. If you feel good about the price range presented, Craig will then come to your house for our official In-Home Assessment for crawl space homes, which costs $275. 

Your personal In-Home Assessment and quoting appointment is a 2-hour block of time dedicated to you, your home, and all your questions.

3. How Soon Can I Get a Concrete Leveling/Mud Jacking Estimate?

Leo Mud Jacking Estimator
Here’s Leo, you’ll like him . . .

Say *Hello* to Leo, our Chief Estimator for Concrete Leveling. Leo is also our Operations Manager who coordinates all the projects and crews we have in progress. He wears another hat with Anchor as the hub of homeowner communications. He’s married with 6 kids too.

Our boy Leo can usually determine an approximate cost for mud jacking with some customer-provided pictures. If you’re okay with the ballpark estimate, he might come out and take a quick look to finalize your quote. Leo can normally give you a bid on a mud jacking project within 1-2 days. Often it’s homeowners who set the appointment time when it best works for their schedule.

If needed, our Project Manager, Luis Tirado, sometimes is the one to drop by for the on-site visuals and Leo will get you the final proposal. 

Bonus: There is no charge for mud jacking estimates because they don’t take nearly as much time as our foundation repair estimates.

4. How Fast Can I Get an Under-Slab Tunneling Estimate?

Under-slab tunneling projects are a little different than our other services. In 99% of the cases, a plumber will refer a homeowner for tunneling. Since most of the time a plumber has determined what is needed, homeowners already know how many feet of tunnel are required. That’s all we need to get a quote together.

Leo again!
Leo does a lot for us!

Say *Hello* to Leo again as he is in charge of tunneling estimates too. Leo can quickly provide estimates over the phone within 24 hours. Under-slab tunneling is needed when there are important plumbing repairs to do, so we know you need this info quickly.

There is no charge for tunneling estimates because they don’t take any time at all really. If we know the length of the tunnel needed, arriving at a cost quote and whipping up a proposal is pretty easy.

Only very occasionally are these projects customer-initiated. In this sort of rare instance, we would need to come on-site to determine the length of the tunnel. Leo can still get these taken care of fairly quickly.

Our Foundation Repair Estimates Are More Than a Quick Visit

Now you have some approximate timeframes for when an Anchor Team Member can give you a quote. We know that once homeowners are ready to get started, they’re *really ready* to get started and want someone to come out as soon as possible. What Anchor wants most for you is to provide top-quality repairs along with the care and attention you deserve. 

appointment to get a quote

We can offer that level of quality and care to our customers by slowing down the pace instead of leaving you spinning from a brisk and impersonal appointment.

We don’t want to rush our days and appointments, cramming in as many as possible. We’d rather spend the time it takes to make sure you understand what your home needs and get all your questions answered.

With Anchor serving your foundation needs with excellence, you’ve got 35+ years of expertise in the Brazos Valley and a 5-star Google rating too. You get a well-planned, well-communicated, well-executed home project because you deserve the best that your hard-earned money can buy.

Speaking of well-communicated, let’s make sure you understand why we charge for our foundation repair and house leveling assessments. I guarantee you it’s not what you think – check out: “Why Does Anchor Foundation Repair Charge for Inspections?” now.