Signs of Foundation Problems

What Are the Signs of Foundation Problems? (Interior & Exterior)

What exactly are the signs of foundation problems for a slab home? You’re searching the internet . . . hoping to find a list of the top indicators you should look for on your home’s interior and exterior. Well, guess what?? This article is made especially for you.

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At Anchor Foundation Repair, we don’t fix things that don’t need fixin’, and we don’t try to sell you stuff you don’t need. After 35+ years in business, that’s what’s best for our Brazos Valley community and for exceptional homeowners like you. We’re here to help guide you through your foundation problems, and that includes knowing the top indicators for yourself.

This article reviews the top interior and exterior signs that your foundation has problems and needs repair. We also cover determining when the time is right for repairs and instances where you should start soon or delay getting repairs underway.

3 Best Interior Indicators of Foundation Problems

Foundation settlement and problems don’t happen without some signs around your home showing up. While this article mainly covers slab-on-grade foundation symptoms, these three interior signs actually apply to any type of home foundation. 

In other words, these signs are so indicative of foundation problems, that it doesn’t even matter what kind of home you have.

The top interior signs of foundation issues are:

  1. Diagonal cracks in drywall,
  2. Interior trim separations like baseboards or around cabinetry and built-ins, and
  3. Door problems like latch or locking issues, door out of plumb from the frame.

When your home was first built, everything was aligned. Your trim was put on straight and plumb. Your cabinetry was level. Your door frames were square. If you start getting drywall cracks, trim separations, and door problems, it means that *something* is off-kilter and has changed since your home was built. That something is foundation settlement

two top signs of foundation issues on the interior of your home

Most likely, some portion of your slab is moving in a downward direction and bringing the framing with it, causing these types of outward symptoms. There’s pressure or pulling on the finishes of your home. Things get out of whack and start to crack! These simple cosmetic signs indicate something deeper going on with the stability of your foundation.

Top 3 Exterior Signs of Foundation Issues

Signs of foundation problems on the outside of your home are easiest to see if you have a brick exterior. The signs can be translated to non-brick homes as well, but it’s a little less clear as a surefire indicator. The three best exterior signs of foundation settlement are:

  1. Brick frieze opening at the corners or other horizontal trim gapping away from the siding,
  2. Stair-step brick cracks or siding pulling at attachment points, and
  3. Separation between trim and the sides of windows and door frames.

Again, these signs mean that your foundation is moving, and the framing is going with it. This movement pulls at finishes like brick veneer, siding, and trim work intended to bridge gaps with changes in exterior materials. When the foundation sinks and framing moves, the outermost layer of your home finishes starts to show flaws.

signs of foundation problems

Like the interior signs, these cosmetic finish issues mean something is going on at a deeper (i.e. foundational) level.

Do I Need Foundation Repair If I See ANY of These Signs?

Some foundation repair companies will tell you that any of these signs in your home mean you should immediately get foundation repair. We’re not like every other foundation repair company . . . 

Homeowners need to consider a few things before deciding if it’s time for foundation repair

  1. Your feelings about the issues,
  2. The functionality of your home due to these problems, and
  3. The future plans you have for this home.

Hey look, they all happen to be F words . . . let’s discuss these a little further ←-another f word.

Feelings About Your Foundation Problem Signs

feeling about foundation issues

How much is this stuff bothering you? It’s important to consider your own feelings about what’s happening around your home. 

Is it causing embarrassment to where you don’t want people to come over and see these issues? Are you feeling extremely worried? Some people are very bothered by these signs while others are like, “Eh, it’s not that bad.”

  • If the issues are in a location many people don’t see or it’s simply not a big concern for you right now, then it’s also okay to wait awhile. Monitor the issues for a year or so, and see how you feel after that.

Functionality Problems With Foundation Issues

Some of the signs we have talked about are more cosmetic and some are functional problems. For example, if a door or window is not working correctly due to the misalignment caused by settlement, then you’ve got a functional problem. When things don’t work properly or as intended, it’s a functionality issue. 

The severity of the functional issue should be taken into account. There’s a big difference between an interior door that is rubbing slightly on a door frame and the main entry door that you can’t lock or maybe can’t even open. 

what are the signs of foundation problems?
  • When a functionality issue affects your everyday life and/or creates safety concerns, it’s a big sign that repairs are needed right away.
  • If your doors are still pretty much working right, rubbing only a little, and still lock and latch without much issue, then you don’t have a big functionality problem yet. You could consider waiting. Especially with doors, seasonal rebounding can occur and make things work better after a little rain.

Future Use Considerations With Your Foundation Problems

home foundation repair

When deciding how to deal with foundation issues, you should also consider the future plans you have for your home. Is this your forever home or a short-term property? Are you planning to remodel soon or is everything just the way you want it?

  • If this is the home you intend to live in for a long time and you have no remodeling plans, then you could probably wait a while before deciding to move forward with repairs.
  • If you will be selling soon, you might need to consider what a buyer would want in terms of foundation repairs.

To Get Foundation Repair or Not?

There are many things to ponder whether you wait to get foundation repairs done or need to get started sooner. Some homeowners even wonder what happens if you never get foundation repairs done – it’s certainly a viable option if you plan on living in your home for a lifetime. It’s often a hard decision to make!

do I need foundation repair?

We understand the stress and anxiety that comes with overwhelming repair projects. At Anchor Foundation Repair, we offer fair and impartial assessments, empowering education, and a fully transparent repair process. After 35+ years in business, we want you to know as much about foundation repair as we do and we’ve got no secrets to hide from the Brazos Valley community. 

It’s the house you love and you deserve to be 100% on board with your home repair decisions. We’ve got another article to help walk you through this foundation repair decision if you feel like you need more clarity on if and when to get started.