How messy is foundation repair?

How Messy or Intrusive Is My Foundation Repair Job Going to Be?

Is this you thinking about foundation repair and the mess it might bring to your yard?

You are about to have repairs begin and are wondering about the potential mess.


You have *heard stories* and want to know what it will really be like so you can plan for it.


You have a beautiful manicured lawn and landscaping and are stressed about the process.


You are a *tiny bit* on the OCD side and are worried about chaos and disorder.

Anchor Foundation Repair Bryan College Station

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we have worked on thousands of homes over the past 35+ years repairing foundations in the Brazos Valley. We can fill you in on the details of how the foundation repair process takes place around your home because we see it and do it every day. We know what homeowners are often concerned about too.

This article will tell you about what kind of mess you can expect with foundation repairs in general and what foundation repair contractors like Anchor can do to minimize mess and make your foundation repair project feel under control.

What Kind of Foundation Repairs Are We Talking About Here?

Just to clarify, this article is addressing foundation repair using the drilled bell-bottom pier method of repair for slab-on-grade foundations. 

drilled pier foundation repairs

If you want to know more about drilled piers and how the method is different from other slab foundation repair methods, we have an article for that: What Slab-on-Grade Foundation Repair Methods Are There? 6 Types.

If you have a pier and beam or crawl space home, we are not talking about those types of foundations here either. Check out this article about what to expect on a house leveling project instead.

Just wanted to make sure we were all on the same page with exactly what kind of foundation and what method of foundation repairs we are talking about here before we *dug too deep* into things. Let’s get started for real now . . . 

How Much Mess Should I Expect During Foundation Repairs?

dirt from foundation repairs

I hate to break it to you, but your home will not be pristine and party-ready at all times during foundation repairs. Foundation repair is a major project. This is going to be a significant structural repair to your home and you should expect a bit of mess. 

You can’t dig holes, drill down 10 to 12 feet, and do all the other things needed for drilled pier foundation repairs without some disturbance to your property. 

There will be piles of old dirt that get removed from under your home. There will be piles of new dirt that get brought in. There is equipment and supplies. 

There are many ways to keep the foundation repair process organized, less intrusive, and manageable for homeowners though. Don’t worry, we will talk about those very soon.

What About Mess Inside My Home?

This article is talking about a home that only needs foundation repairs applied to the perimeter of the home, not settlement under the interior of your home.

Foundation repair projects under a home’s interior are very different from projects where most of the work is done outside, underneath, and on the perimeter of the home.

For a typical drilled pier foundation repair, the inside of your home is not involved too much in the repair process. Though there are occasions where workers will go in and out, like at the beginning of the project and during the actual raising process that lifts your home back into its proper position.

Will My Yard or Flowerbeds Get Damaged with Foundation Work?

does foundation repair mess up my landscaping?

Your yard and the flowerbeds around your home will likely be impacted as foundation repair involves digging holes and working right next to your home. A good contractor will take steps to minimize damage by protecting, relocating, and generally being careful around your home.

Any very precious landscape items that you are worried about should be directly discussed with your foundation repair contractor. Ask specifically how they handle caring for and protecting your yard and greenery during the process.

In fact, there are a bunch of questions you should ask a foundation repair contractor before hiring one. So if you haven’t already selected one, the best way to avoid damage to your home is to choose a contractor that will treat your home with respect and care from the very beginning.

Red Flag: Any contractor that hems and haws and can’t answer your questions to your satisfaction is an indication for you to continue looking for another contractor or get a second opinion on your foundation repairs.

What Can Foundation Repair Companies Do to Lessen the Mess?

There are a ton of things that can be done to protect your home, minimize mess, and prevent damage during the foundation repair process. The very best thing YOU can do as a homeowner is to first select a conscientious foundation repair contractor. 

If you are already *on-board* with Anchor Foundation Repair, this concern is easy to alleviate.

is foundation repair messy?

Here are things that Anchor does (and any other foundation repair contractor could do if they wanted to) in order to keep your home as organized, clean, and protected as possible. The work site might seem “messy” but we take many steps to keep it controlled and orderly.

The First Rule of Minimizing Foundation Repair Mess Is . . . 

Rule No. 1: Treat your home as if it were our own. A foundation repair contractor that behaves as if they were repairing their own house (or their mother’s house) is going to take the most care in making sure that things don’t get messed up.

How Can My Yard Be Protected During Foundation Repairs?

Besides that major rule above, here are other things that Anchor will (and anyone else could) do to avoid messes and keep the chaos to a minimum during your foundation repair project:

  • Minimize the chances of outdoor damage by doing all work by hand.
  • Lay temporary walkways to prevent rutting up your grass and sod.
  • Take pictures of the outside of your home before work begins so that we can put things back where we found them if they have to be moved.
  • Selectively prune overgrown bushes/shrubs to allow for work on home perimeter.
  • Transplant landscaping as able and return upon completion.
  • Top off beds with mulch if disturbed during our work.
  • Clean up and straighten up at the end of each workday.
  • Pressure wash and restore access to the driveway after piers are poured.

How Can Foundation Repairs Be Less Intrusive to My Time?

We also are more than happy to coordinate scheduling the work to a time that is most optimal for the homeowner. We can work around Zoom meetings if you work from home. We can work around naptimes for babies and toddlers when needed. 

protecting your home during foundation repairs

We can even take a day off for a special celebration at your home. We make every effort not to be intrusive when you have important things to do.

Expectations for Foundation Repair Clean-Up

The most important thing a foundation repair contractor can do for a homeowner is the final clean-up. That’s when we make sure that things are back in order and you are not left feeling like the job is not done. Our goal at Anchor Foundation Repair is to leave your home better than we found it.

We also know that if we can keep it relatively clean and tidy as we go, the final clean-up is a piece of cake. So we do it for you, but it benefits us as well by making things easier as we wrap things up and leave you with a stable and level home.

More About What to Expect in the Foundation Repair Process

foundation repair solutions in the Brazos Valley

There’s more to foundation repairs than just some guys making a controlled mess around your home. Want the full story on *absolutely everything* there is to know and expect from a drilled pier foundation repair project? We thought you’d never ask . . . 

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we have been repairing foundations in Bryan, College Station, and other surrounding Brazos Valley communities like Navasota and Brenham since 1985. We find that homeowners that know what to expect are more likely to be happy and satisfied at the end of their project.

For *all the dirt* on foundation repairs with Anchor, check out “What 7 Steps to Expect When You Are Expecting Anchor Foundation Repair,” next. This article is perfect for someone using Anchor that is about to have a foundation repair project begin.