how much can foundation repairs cost?

What Is the Most That Foundation Repair Can Cost for My Home?

You’ve just discovered that you have some foundation settlement and need foundation repair for your home. You’re the kind of person who thinks, “What’s the worst-case scenario here? What’s the most someone could *possibly* pay for foundation repairs?” And here we are . . .

While costs can be a touchy subject for many foundation repair companies to talk about, we don’t shy away from difficult topics. 

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At Anchor Foundation Repair, we offer fair and impartial assessments, empowering education, and transparent discussions on cost. After 35+ years in business, we want you to know as much about foundation repair as we do and we’ve got no secrets to hide on pricing. 

Since we’ve inspected thousands of homes and prepared even more repair estimates, we have a feel for how much foundation repairs typically cost.

This article discusses the minimum, maximum, and average costs* for slab-on-grade foundation repairs in our Central Texas area. We will also review what factors can make the costs go up from the typical project resulting in more expensive repairs.

*We can be more specific with our chosen method of foundation repair using drilled bell-bottom piers, but we also offer some ballpark figures that cover other available methods.

What Is the Most Someone Can Pay for Foundation Repairs?

The very most expensive foundation repair project we have done was for a little over 100K in 2023. This is a major outlying rarity as the home was quite large, located far away on rocky soil, and required a greater depth for the piers. 

how much can foundation repair cost?

The sizeable and heavy 2-story home needed support on the interior and around the perimeter and a total of 109 piers were installed. In other words, we had to put piers under the entire home, which is not done often. Most foundation repairs only encompass a section of the home and far fewer piers. 

That was the most expensive foundation repair project we have done and it happened at our 38-year mark in business. *Extremely Rare*

What Is the Least People Pay for Foundation Repairs?

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Our smallest foundation repair jobs tend to range from $6 to 8K and might include 5 or so drilled piers. If we’re taking into account not only our prices and method, a good cost range that would include any method of foundation repair would be from $4 to 10K.

What Is The Average Cost of Foundation Repairs?

So far we’ve talked about the largest job ever and a typical cost for small-scale foundation repairs. But what about the most average, most typical sort of project we do the most often?

On average, our most typical slab-on-grade foundation repair jobs cost somewhere between $20 and 22K. A project in this price range does not include tunneling to correct under-slab plumbing problems or any extra issues. This average sort of project also does not usually need any interior pier work or have any major obstacles that must be removed like builder’s piers.

how much can foundation repair cost?

Extending our estimated range to include other foundation repair methods, a standard foundation repair job could run from $16 to 25K depending on the company, repair type, and geographic location. We’ve got another article that talks more about average foundation repair costs in our local Brazos Valley area too.

Cost Ranges for Larger, More Extensive Foundation Repairs

We started out talking about the largest, most expensive foundation repairs we have ever done, but all big projects will not be close to $100,000.

larger foundation repair project, higher cost

For a more average, but still larger and more complex foundation repair project, cost range estimates for our repair method go from about $35 to 60K or more. Widening that range to include other repair methods, we approximate anywhere from $25 to 70K for foundation repairs with a larger scope of work but not out of the ordinary.

Does The Size of My Home Affect Foundation Repair Costs?

You can probably tell from the price ranges offered so far that larger projects tend to cost more, but we haven’t talked much about home size. 

The size or square footage of a home is not the whole story in figuring out how much your foundation repair project will cost.

how much does foundation repair cost?

Sure, the size of the home matters if you’re repairing the whole home and comparing a 3,500 sq. ft. foundation repair price to a 1,800 sq. ft. whole home repair. However, determining foundation repairs cost is more about the number of linear feet of the home that need support added.

You could have two homes that have the same square footage but are shaped differently, one square-shaped and the other shaped like a long rectangle. The one with more linear feet will cost more to repair, which in this case, is the long rectangular home.

The size and square footage of a home somewhat matter in the cost of foundation repairs. But ultimately, the final cost is more about the linear feet of the settled area coupled with other factors which we will discuss next.

What Else Affects the Cost of Slab Foundation Repairs?

A few major factors impact the total cost of a foundation repair project. The first we have mentioned specifically and others we may have touched on a little:

home foundation repair

These cost factors each warrant their own article for full discussion, so we’ve included links where you can investigate further. But we will hit the highlights too . . . 

Chosen Foundation Repair Method/Company

choosing a foundation repair method

Each foundation repair company likely only uses one foundation repair method. When you choose a company, you are likely also choosing a method even if you don’t realize it. Some methods take more or less time or use more costly materials than others. The various methods also work on different principles. 

Be sure you know what method of foundation repair you are choosing and understand how it works and why it may cost more or less.

When Interior Foundation Settlement Is Occurring

Linear feet matter in foundation repair, but so does the location of the settlement. If the middle of your home needs support due to signs of interior foundation settlement, costs can nearly double due to more material and far more extensive work.

Obstacles Present That Need to Be Removed

Interior foundation work

When anything is in the way of your foundation repairs getting completed easily, it adds time and labor to overcome the obstacle. A common obstacle we regularly encounter is exterior concrete surfaces that must be broken through to do the repairs. These pier locations cost a little more to install.

An obstacle we have been encountering more and more frequently these days is failed builder’s piers. Also, failed pressed pilings from previous foundation repair work must be removed so that we can do our repairs with drilled bell-bottom piers instead. The removal work adds time and costs to any foundation repair project.

Extra Costs for Related Issues

Sometimes there are costs that you must pay to another contractor or extra costs to your foundation repair contractor to fully repair all the issues. When you have existing under-slab plumbing problems, those need to be repaired by a plumber. You may need under-slab tunneling to reach those plumbing problems and that is an extra cost.

cost for foundation repairs

There could also be additional costs when you have interior settlement, including things like temporary housing relocation, storage of your belongings, and flooring repair/replacement.

These extra costs do not always happen, so don’t freak out here. Just know that sometimes periphery issues need to be addressed at the same time as foundation repair and extra costs can come up, some expected and some not expected.

What Else Matters When It Comes to Foundation Repair Costs?

Now you know the worst-case scenario as well as some more realistic foundation repair cost ranges, what else matters? Well, the most important thing you’ve got to consider next is the foundation repair company you choose and the method they use. 

how much does foundation repair cost?

It’s one of those things that homeowners often don’t know about foundation repair – it’s not all the same.

Anchor Foundation Repair has been fixin’ Brazos Valley foundations since 1985 and we’re happy to share what we know with homeowners when they need to know. We also understand the stress and anxiety that comes with overwhelming and potentially expensive repair projects. 

Next, check out the conceptual pros and cons of the two most readily available foundation repair types in our area: Foundation Repair Methods Comparison: Drilled Piers vs Pressed Pilings.