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Top 6 Reasons NOT to Get the Cheapest Foundation Repairs for Your Home

You’ve got signs of foundation problems in your home and are getting bids for foundation repairs. You’re hoping to get the cheapest repairs by getting foundation repair contractors to compete for your business and hopefully come away with a lower price.

Well, I hate to tell you this, but the strategy of trying to get the cheapest repairs might backfire on you in the long run . . . 

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We understand the stress and anxiety that comes with overwhelming and expensive repair projects. At Anchor Foundation Repair, we’ve gotten many calls over the past 35+ years from homeowners who chose the inexpensive route to handle their foundation repairs the first time. 

We’ve seen the results firsthand when the cheaper repairs don’t work and we want to help prevent that for you if possible.

This article will offer and explain 6 reasons why choosing the cheapest repairs may not serve you best in the long term. Our goal is to better prepare you for potential pitfalls even if you still choose something less expensive.

6 Reasons to *Not* Get the Cheapest Foundation Repairs

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Just to get this out in the open, we’re not trying to convince you to get our foundation repairs instead of someone else’s. I mean, that would be nice but ultimately we want you to make the best decision for your situation from an informed position. We respect your right to choose a less expensive option as long as you know what you’re dealing with.

Here are six practical reasons you may not want to *go cheap* on foundation repairs:

  1. Foundation repair is not something you want to DIY.
  2. Not all foundation repairs are the same – there are different methods.
  3. Not all foundation repair contractors are the same – you can’t trust everyone.
  4. Cheaper repairs can sometimes come with cutting corners and other problems.
  5. Some warranties have pitfalls designed to benefit contractors over customers.
  6. It’s expensive – and you really don’t want to end up paying for it twice.

Now we can elaborate on each of these in the coming sections . . . 

1. Foundation Repair Is Not Something You Want to DIY

If we’re being really honest, the absolute cheapest foundation repair you can do is a DIY effort. There is a “hard-stop” technique that a novice or non-professional could probably try. It would be super cheap but not long-lasting.

But let’s be real, you do not want to attempt foundation repairs on your own. 

Foundation repair is hard work
Here’s me – trying not to die . . .

We live in Texas, it’s hot, and our native soil is garbage. Foundation repair is VERY hard work, and not for the faint of heart. Even if you think you’re young and strong, don’t fool yourself. Unless you have been physically conditioned to this kind of endeavor, you’re going to struggle.

In fact, I tried out the work as part of my orientation to this job. One day working on one hole in the ground and it took me weeks to recover.

I’m not saying this to be mean or that you’re out of shape. I’m saying that even people who think they are in good shape would have trouble with the kind of work foundation repair requires. Do yourself a favor. Spend more money to avoid the DIY route, it’s worth it.

2. Not All Foundation Repairs Are the Same

One of the biggest misconceptions out there is that all foundation repairs are done the same way. So people think that when they are comparing the cost between two companies it’s just the price that is different and everything else is the same. 

The truth is that there are quite a few different methods of foundation repair and variations within each method that all have pros and cons and different price points.

There are concrete pressed pilings, steel pressed pilings, cabled concrete pressed pilings, hybrid pilings, drilled piers, helical piers, and polyfoam injection

Here’s a whole article on types of slab-on-grade foundation repair methods.

don't get the cheapest foundation repair

It’s important to understand what the differences are between methods. Some are better suited to different terrain, some work on different principles, and some have more longevity than others. It’s not just about the price, it’s understanding what you’re getting for that price.

Unless you are comparing two companies using the same method, you’re not comparing apples to apples. If you are getting comparative bids, just be sure that the companies are doing about the same thing. Or take into account the different methods with the understanding that some are less expensive. Be sure you comprehend the reason for that cheaper or higher cost.

3. Not All Foundation Repair Contractors Are the Same

Another misconception people tend to have about foundation repair contractors is that they are all equally reputable and honest. I hate to be the bearer of this news about our industry, but not every foundation repair contractor has your best interests in mind.

They are all trying to *sell* you their product, even us. Meanwhile, you’re just thinking that these foundation repair contractors are there to *fix your faulty foundation* and that’s it.

  • Some foundation repair companies are hoping to prey on your fears and tell you that your repairs are an emergency to get you to act on impulse.
  • Some contractors are hoping that you haven’t done much research and don’t understand that different methods work in different ways.
  • Some companies cannot honestly recognize that their repair method might have downsides and just say it’s the best solution no matter what, or bad-mouth the others in all cases.
  • Some foundation repair companies will tell try to sell you stuff you don’t need or tell you that you have a foundation problem when you really don’t.
  • Some foundation repair contractors are not local or long-standing in business or your community and might not be around later should you need them.
choosing the right foundation repair contractor

I’m not saying that all companies are this way, I’m just saying that they are out there – it’s one of the problems you face when hiring a foundation repair contractor. You should do your own online review and rating-based research on foundation repair companies as well as get recommendations from trusted people in your community and local sources.

4. Cheaper Foundation Repairs Can Come with Problems

You should be thinking, “Now why is this one cheaper? What am I *not* getting because of the smaller price tag?”

  • You might be fine with inexperienced sub-contractors working on your home. But what if they over-lift your home or break something in the process that they are not willing to make right?
  • You might not care if they clean up very well when they are done as long as it’s cheaper.
  • You might not even be super concerned with how long the repairs last or if they will make good on the warranty because you are selling soon.
is the cheapest foundation repair a good idea?

All these scenarios are fine as long as you are okay with it. Instead of seeking out the cheapest repairs and thinking you’ve somehow beaten the game, you might need to consider what’s missing to make it cost less. There’s always a reason that things are cheaper.

Foundation repair costs depend on many factors. Repair methods, material costs, project timelines, company overhead, market share, warranty policies, and basic differences in service approach all play a part in your final bill.

5. Some Foundation Repair Warranty Policies Have Pitfalls

Anchor Foundation Repair Warranty

Making good on warranty work costs companies money. One way a company can potentially save money is to avoid having to do warranty work as much as possible. This is a terrible thing to think about but it’s true. 

When your foundation repair bid is low, one reason could be a warranty policy that is more favorable to the contractor over the customer.

  • Some foundation repair companies have loopholes that easily void the warranty.  Or in order to be transferable you have to do X, Y, and Z within a small timeframe you are likely to fall short on.
  • Some companies have easy-to-miss requirements, registrations, and difficult hoops to jump through to get your warranty work completed.
  • Some contractors will simply not return your calls for warranty issues or make homeowners go through lengthy, frustrating processes to get anything done.
  • Some contractors travel through states when there is a big need for service (think hail storms). Then they are nowhere to be found when you need that warranty work.

Warranty policies are very important to some homeowners, while others are not concerned and don’t plan to use them. Just be sure that you thoroughly understand what it takes to get warranty work done. Also, be sure that you can realistically complete the requirements and won’t forget.

6. Foundation Repair Is Expensive – You Don’t Want to Pay For It Twice

don't pay for foundation repairs twice

What if the cheaper repairs don’t work and you have trouble getting warranty work? What if the cheaper repairs don’t last very long and you need to get another company to come and do the repairs again?

When you’re looking at something that potentially costs thousands of dollars, how will you feel if you have to pay that twice vs. paying a bit more the first time around?

If you think about it, you only have one chance to get your foundation repairs done right the first time. If anything goes wrong after that or your warranty is voided – you might find yourself with the need for additional repairs. This at least doubles your initial foundation repair expense or likely costs even more due to inflation or using a more expensive company or method.

We have fielded calls from many homeowners who were upset with themselves and regretted going the cheaper route the first time.

Who Has the Cheapest Foundation Repairs in BCS?

questions about foundation repair

Now that you know a few reasons not to get the least expensive repairs, what’s next? Do you still want to know who has the lowest-cost foundation repairs in our area? We don’t know for sure who’s cheapest so we encourage you to get multiple bids, but it’s probably not us.

After 35+ years in business, we at Anchor Foundation Repair know that your cracks and foundation problems won’t go away on their own and could get worse. Don’t let other contractors fool you into thinking that their cheaper repairs are just as good.

We’re proud to say that our repairs are more expensive because we’re confident that you’re getting something more. But if you really want to know what the differences are between Anchor and our local Brazos Valley competition and our closest national competitor, we’ve got articles for both.