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What is a Pier Adjustment? Warranty Work with Anchor Foundation Repair

Are you a former Anchor Foundation Repair client that is seeing a few early signs of more foundation settlement in your home?

Are you a new homeowner to a house previously repaired by Anchor Foundation Repair?

Or maybe you are just wondering about warranty work in general when it comes to past foundation repairs?

There’s an article for that and you found it!

Anchor Foundation Repair

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we offer a lifetime transferrable warranty and service agreement on our foundation repair projects and have been standing behind our workmanship in the Brazos Valley since 1985. We make it easy for homeowners to request warranty repairs and get pier adjustments, whether it was you that got the past foundation work or the previous owner.

This article will review how to get the warranty work started and cover what the process looks like from start to finish for your slab-on-grade foundation, including how long it will take and the cost to complete. Let’s get *well-adjusted* to this process now!

How Often Do Piers Need to Be Adjusted?

Even though we hope that we never have to come to a past client’s home again, further settlement can happen in a foundation that has been previously repaired. We’d be lying if we tried to say otherwise. 

It honestly doesn’t happen that often for us though with our drilled bell-bottom pier method. We’ve got 30,000+ piers installed somewhere out there in the Brazos Valley, and we might have to *revisit* 200 of them per year (that’s not houses, that’s individual piers and a rate of less than 1%).

Contacting Anchor Foundation Repair for Warranty Work

contact us for foundation repair work

This is super easy. Just reach out to us using the Contact Form on our website. Be sure to mention that your home was previously repaired by Anchor Foundation Repair. There is also a check box you can select under the “What Can We Help You With?” section called Warranty Work/Service Agreement.

Include a picture or two about the concerning problem signs you are seeing around your home, but don’t feel the need to go crazy. We make efforts to reply to warranty situations as soon as possible.

Your Anchor Project Manager will make an appointment to check out what is happening at your home and come prepared to find the answers to three questions:

  1. Is everything okay with your home or not?
  2. Can we adjust the previously installed piers to correct the problem or not?
  3. If we can do an adjustment, which piers need work to correct the problem?

It’s usually not all the piers that need adjusting, just some of them on a portion of the home.

The On-Site Process of Foundation Pier Adjustment Repairs

We’re making a few assumptions that you might be familiar with foundation repair terminology and the basic process already. But if you’re not familiar with some of this stuff, feel free to check out this article that describes a typical drilled pier foundation repair.

Here are 7 steps included in a typical pier adjustment project. We will reference your previous repair plan if it’s still on record as well (most are, but if it’s been 30 years since we’ve seen your home, well . . . we can’t make any outlandish promises there).

pier adjustment with Anchor Foundation Repair
  1. Locate previously installed piers with a probing rod
  2. Dig down to uncover each pier that needs adjusting
  3. Set bottle jacks and raise the home to correct the issue
  4. Replace any worn concrete blocks and install new shims
  5. Backfill opened pier locations (i.e. refill the holes with dirt)
  6. Perform hydrostatic pressure test and mud-pumping if appropriate
  7. Return landscaping, clean up, and patch concrete as needed

We may or may not perform the hydrostatic test and/or mud-pump in some cases. We test plumbing if the piers needing adjustment are in close proximity to plumbing drain lines coming from kitchens and bathrooms and such. We mud-pump only if we had to raise the home a significant amount. But if we have to mud-pump, we test plumbing no matter what.

If under-slab plumbing leaks are found at any time during the pier adjustment process, the homeowner would need to get those repaired separately before Anchor can complete the project. Finding a plumbing leak would add to repair times because a plumber would need to come out and *do their thing* first. 

Under-slab tunneling to access those leaks can also add time and separate costs. For a refresher on things that might add extra costs during or after a foundation repair project, check out this article: “Do Other Costs Come Up With Foundation Repair? What Else Will I Pay For?

time to call Anchor Foundation Repair

How Long Does a Pier Adjustment Take to Get Done?

We can usually get to readjustment repairs within two weeks of your appointment. So not only do we respond quickly to warranty work requests, we even expedite getting you on the work schedule.

Once on-site at your home, we can handle most pier adjustment projects in just one day. All of the *groundwork* has already been laid when your piers were first installed. So foundation adjustments typically make for quick work, which homeowners tend to really appreciate in comparison to the initial install time.

What Will a Pier Adjustment Cost?

Of course, you certainly want to know how much a pier adjustment will cost. If it’s within the first five years of your original foundation repair, there is no charge for the adjustment. 

cost of foundation repair

After five years, the cost to adjust is currently set at $195 per pier with an allowance for inflation. This is detailed in our terms and conditions and the starting rate will be based on the amount cited in your home’s initial repair proposal.

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we make it easy to get your pier adjustments addressed with our lifetime service agreement. After 35+ years in the Brazos Valley community, we find that integrity with warranty work is the best way to serve homeowners that have used our repair product in the past.

For a refresher on our warranty policies, check out, “Does My Anchor Foundation Repair Project Come With a Warranty?