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Decoding Your Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Warranty from Anchor

You’ve got questions about Anchor’s warranty policy for fixing your pier and beam foundation. What are the terms and what do you really need to know?

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After 35+ years in business at Anchor Foundation Repair, we understand that warranties can be intimidating. We keep our warranty policy short, sweet, and to the point. But sometimes homeowners want more explanations for all the *why* questions so we’ve got this article prepared for you.

We’ll spell out our warranty terms and service agreement. We’ll also explain the reasoning behind what we can offer for pier and beam foundation work warranties. We want you to feel comfortable and confident that you’re making the best choice for your home with no secrets kept on our end so let’s get started . . . 

What Is the Warranty for Crawl Space Home Foundation Work?

Every company is different, so this is just the warranty policy for house leveling with Anchor Foundation Repair. We offer 3-year coverage terms and a service agreement if work is needed within that timeframe.

Here’s a quick summary of warranty coverage of our pier and beam foundation repairs:

  • 3-Year Warranty Term
  • Year 1: No charge for adjustments
  • Years 2 – 3: adjustments offered at a rate of $195* per crew hour
  • Warranty only covers areas/parts of home/materials where work was performed in the original scope of work
3 year pier and beam house leveling warranty

One of the biggest misconceptions about warranty work on home foundation repair is that it automatically covers the entire home. But most often, only portions of the home need repairs. So only the parts of the home that had work done are covered.

For example, you had repairs done on the front and right sides of your home. Issues that occur during the 3-year warranty on the front and right sides will be covered. Let’s say further settlement occurs and you later need work done on the back of your house. That is not warranty work under the previous repairs – that’s a new project.

*Adjustment rate as of 1/1/24. This rate can change periodically and we honor what is stated in your individual contract.

Why Is the Warranty Timeframe Only 3 Years for House Leveling?

why only a 3 year warranty for house leveling?

Three years doesn’t seem like a really long time, especially when you see other foundation repairs online being under a “lifetime” warranty. First, most lifetime warranties for foundation repairs are for slab homes, not pier and beam.

Crawl space type foundations are lightweight homes and their foundational structure does not penetrate very far into the ground. Because these homes pretty much rest on top of the soil, it’s impossible to warranty the work long-term. These kinds of foundations just can’t be promised to never move again — it’s simply not realistic.

Pier and beam homes are:

We don’t make promises that we can’t keep, so we can’t honestly warranty something that we know is going to likely experience foundation settlement again no matter how well the work is done. We can’t change the nature of how the home is built, and therefore can’t offer a warranty that extends beyond 3 years.

Pier and beam homes are always going to be shifting due to soil and moisture influences and will always need regular attention.

How Do I Get Warranty Work Done on My Pier and Beam Home?

Once you’ve had your pier and beam house leveled with Anchor, be sure to monitor for changes after the repairs. Look for signs of foundation settlement in the areas where work was done. Should you need an adjustment within the 3-year timeframe, simply call our office to request a review of your home.

diagonal wall crack

Your warranty is tied to your home address. We will honor any needed warranty work within the 3 years even if the home is sold to a new owner.

What are the chances that you will need warranty work within the 3-year period? Well, we estimate there’s about a 6-8% chance your home might need an adjustment. Most pier and beam warranty adjustments are a result of a crawl space that dries out significantly during the summer months

But in general, we do quality work with highly experienced crews and are confident in our abilities. We think even a 92% success rate is pretty darn good.

What Happens After the Pier and Beam Warranty Expires?

I bet now you’re thinking, “So what if my home moves or settles after the 3-year warranty? What happens then??”

Since we know that crawl space foundations are prone to movement, we recommend regular preventative maintenance every 3 to 5 years. You can get your home reshimmed with a maintenance visit after you’ve had your original repairs done with Anchor. Since we know that all the work we already did is *good quality stuff* we can confidently return to your home for a quick reshim project.

shim maintenance for pier and beam homes - warranty work

Reshimming your home involves adding or adjusting the small space fillers (i.e. shims) that keep your home snug, stable, and free from excess rattling. Sometimes more shims are used to resecure the foundation after a few years of living on expansive clay. To keep your foundation structure as tight as possible we can easily add more shims as needed.

BONUS: A *reshim* costs far less than your original pier and beam repairs. This maintenance work is not going to be as costly. If you save and plan for it, it’s practically painless when you’re expecting to spend some money to maintain your home. Planned maintenance with reshimming is the top way to keep your pier and beam home in optimal condition for the least long-term cost.

DOUBLE BONUS: Regular reshimming maintenance visits get your pier and beam foundation looked over more often. If we’re down there doing work every few years, it’s way easier to spot and head off developing issues. Pier and beam problems become far more costly the longer they go unseen and neglected.

Think of reshimming like getting the oil changed regularly on your car. Lower costs now prevent much bigger costs later if you ignore the oil situation and damage your whole engine.

What If I Don’t Do Any Maintenance of My Pier and Beam Home?

crawl space foundation repair work

After your original warranty expires, you might choose to forego reshimming maintenance or simply forget all about it. Well, in that case, you could encounter a significant issue again that requires more major repairs at full cost. 

You might have to redo, overhaul, or replace larger areas of your foundation structure, especially if drainage has not been kept in check either.

You don’t want to be back in the same foundation repair boat again, do you?

Can You Tell Me More About Pier and Beam Maintenance?

Now that you know all about our warranty policy and have maintenance on your mind, you want more details on what to expect with caring for your home in the future, don’t ya? I like where your head is at . . .

Anchor Foundation team house leveling

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we offer fair and impartial assessments, empowering education, and a fully transparent repair process. After 35+ years in business, that’s what’s best for our Brazos Valley community and for exceptional homeowners like you. 

We’re here to help guide you through the foundation repair process, and that includes preparing you for the future too. Check out the Top 3 Maintenance Tips for Your Pier and Beam Home’s Foundation next.