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Top 6 Reasons to Start Your Anchor Foundation Repairs Now

You’ve had a foundation inspection from Anchor. You’ve got your scope of work. You’ve got your repair quote and cost. But you just can’t seem to push that, *Accept Proposal* button, can you? What’s holding you back? It’s not like it’s a marriage proposal or anything . . .

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At Anchor Foundation Repair, we don’t fix things that don’t need fixin’, and we don’t try to sell you stuff you don’t need. After 35+ years in the Brazos Valley, that’s what’s best for exceptional homeowners like you. If you got a proposal from us, that means you’ve got a verified problem that we know you want to be repaired.

This article will list the best reasons it benefits you to get your foundation repairs started now, so you can go ahead and move your finger, push that button, and feel good about it. Let’s get to the good stuff ASAP!

Why Should I Get Foundation Repairs Started Now?

We’re breaking this down into a quick list and we’ll elaborate later. The reasons to get started on your foundation repairs now range from practical to emotional and in that order.

  1. To Get on the Work Schedule and Meet the Original Timelines
  2. Waiting Longer Can End Up Costing You More
  3. The Scope of Work Could Increase If You Wait Too Long
  4. More Damage Can Occur to Your Home the Longer You Wait
  5. You Continue to Delay Get-Togethers and Enjoyment at Your Home
  6. Your Frustration, Worry, and Anxiety Will Continue Until It’s Fixed
time for foundation repairs
Time for foundation repairs and a new shirt that isn’t made of weird leathery stuff . . .

Without further ado, let’s *reason out* these good reasons. Just to be clear, we’re not trying to scare you or push you with this stuff. We just want you to know what can happen while you’re stuck in non-committal mode.

1. To Get on the Work Schedule and Meet the Original Timelines

get on the schedule for foundation repairs now
Let’s say we get you on that schedule, ma’am?

During our inspection visit, we gave you an approximate start date based on what we had on the work schedule at that moment. Every day that goes by, another homeowner could be committing to their project before you. If you wait until the very last minute to accept your proposal, your completion timeline will likely have to be adjusted.

The sooner you *get in line* on the schedule, the sooner your repairs can start, and the more likely we can stick with the timelines originally offered. Don’t let someone else’s quicker proposal acceptance delay your project.

2. Waiting Longer Can End Up Costing You More

start foundation repairs now
Golly mister, don’t wait any longer!

The proposal price is good for only *30 days* according to the written proposal wording. The price doesn’t automatically go up on day 31 or anything, but we have the time limit in there for a reason.

Material costs, inflation, and business price adjustments are made regularly. Things seem to be changing quickly in our current economic times. Also, new fiscal year adjustments are made annually and can affect your proposal price if you wait another year to pull the trigger.

There’s nothing wrong with waiting if you need to, but just understand that costs can increase and your guaranteed price is technically good for just 30 days. After that, we can’t promise the cost will stay the same even if nothing else has changed with the condition of your home. Don’t let the normal cost of business going up affect your original price.

3. The Scope of Work Could Increase If You Wait Too Long

For a home with active foundation settlement (i.e. a home that is still moving), waiting could mean more piers are needed. More piers = more work = more cost. 

foundation repair BCS

Not that something like this can happen within a 30-day timeframe, but waiting a year or two increases the chances for a larger area of your home to settle. Don’t run the risk of your home moving more and needing more foundation work.

4. More Damage Can Occur to Your Home the Longer You Wait

do foundation repairs now
Are these subliminal messages working yet??

This one goes hand in hand with the last reason, more foundation settlement also equals more damage. The finishes to your home are where signs of foundation problems show up. Walls issues, door issues, brick issues, etc. are the unsightly issues you’re trying to get rid of.

For example, you could end up with more diagonal cracks in your drywall. More drywall cracks = more drywall repair = higher drywall repair bill.

Don’t let foundation settlement cause more damage and extra costs (that you then have to pay to fix) by waiting longer to accept your proposal.

5. You Continue to Delay Get-Togethers and Enjoyment at Your Home

start foundation repairs today
Don’t have Christmas at your sister-in-law’s AGAIN . . .

Many homeowners feel embarrassed about the visual signs of foundation problems and avoid having guests because of them. The longer you wait on accepting that foundation repair proposal, the longer you have to wait to get back to entertaining others or personally enjoying your home.

Wouldn’t it be nice to move on to other fun projects with your foundation repairs out of the way? Wouldn’t it be great to celebrate the next big holiday at your house instead of somewhere else?

Don’t let another special social or regular day go by where you’re not feeling enjoyment from the home you love and work hard to maintain.

6. Your Frustration, Worry, and Anxiety Will Continue Until It’s Fixed

start your anchor foundation repairs now
Let’s turn that frown upside down by getting your foundation repairs started!

Let’s face it. These foundation problems bother you or you wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of getting a foundation inspection and repair quote. 

Some people just feel bogged down with worry and anxiety about it. Others get annoyed or flat-out angry when you walk by that ugly crack in the wall or every time that door sticks. The truth is, these frustrations will continue to plague you until this foundation issue is handled.

Don’t let another day go by filled with unpleasant feelings about your home. Your home’s biggest purpose is the make you feel happy, safe, and secure. If it’s not doing that for you, let’s get this major worry out of the way ASAP by accepting your work proposal.

Are Finances In the Way of Handling Your Foundation Repairs?

Some people are on board with all the reasons above, but there’s still the problem of actually paying for foundation repairs. We don’t make a big enough deal out of the financing option we have available but we do offer financing through Hearth.

foundation repair financing
Will easy financing help?

Hearth might be your easiest, no-nonsense option for getting financing to pay for large home repairs like foundation work. Hearth is a 3rd party home repair financing company that we have a partnership with. You do have to qualify based on your creditworthiness and we have no say in who qualifies or why. 

We don’t get any kickbacks from Hearth for sending them our customers, we just have it in place if you need it. Our benefit from offering Hearth financing is only that you have a quick and easy financing option. It might be just what you need to get your foundation repair project started. 

QUICK AND EASY. No major paperwork, just a way to pay for your foundation repairs a little each month instead of all at once.

Let us know right away if you want more information or a Hearth referral to get started and we can get you hooked up with what you need.

Need Another Reason to Get Started With Anchor?

Your cracks and foundation problems won’t go away on their own and could get worse. Now you’ve got 6 really good reasons to accept that proposal – sorry it didn’t come with rose petals strewn about your floor. Instead of rose petals, how about a really great warranty?

anchor guarantee

We understand the stress and anxiety that comes with overwhelming repair projects. After 35+ years in business, we have heard many a homeowner say that they wished they’d done it sooner, but never has anyone said, “I wish I’d waited longer.” It’s the house you love and you deserve to be enjoying it *yesterday*.

Secure your home, save your sanity, and sail into the sunset with our lifetime, no-hassle warranty on all our slab repairs. Here’s an article that details our service agreement and warranty policy that you can check out as soon as you hit “Accept” on your proposal.