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Terms and Conditions of an Anchor House Leveling Proposal

You’re *this close* to accepting a proposal from Anchor Foundation Repair for your house leveling project. While it’s not a marriage proposal, you are having the classic *cold feet* feelings due to the usual fine print you find in every contract.

All that legal-eese can make anyone hesitate.

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You’re busy. You don’t want to read all those hard words. We totally get it. We are the same way. It’s the kind of laborious legal-heavy stuff that is super boring and difficult to understand. Well, how about a light-hearted, easy-to-read article instead?

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we have been serving the Bryan, College Station, and Brazos Valley communities for over 35+ years and intend to stick around for as long as they let us. We know that part of belonging to a community is building trust through 100% transparent, direct, and easy-to-understand terms with all our services.

Let’s cut through all the legal-speak and lay this out for you in plainer terms . . . 

What Are the Payment Terms for Anchor Foundation Repair?

We ask for a percentage of the total amount in 3 installments for house leveling services. I mean we won’t stop you from paying it all at once, but we do it this way for your comfort level.

The payment schedule goes like this:

  • 25% deposit to get scheduled on the calendar for work (aka with proposal signing)
  • 50% at house leveling project start
  • 25% or the remaining balance at the end of the project
builder trend login

We make it easy to pay directly through our online system. You will get email notices from Buildertrend to remind you when it’s time to make a payment. We have suggestions on how you can pay for your house leveling project if you need that. (P.S. the article is geared towards slab foundations but the funding ideas will work for crawl space homes too!)

We also ask that you sign the proposal document and return it within 30 days of its original date to make it a binding contract. Also and more importantly, you need to make the first payment and return the agreement to officially get on the work schedule.

If you don’t formally commit, other customers could get in line in front of you and your project start can get delayed.

What Will Anchor Foundation Repair Take Care Of?

This stuff is in the contract terms and conditions but organized a little differently. This section covers all the things we will do, handle, or take care of for you . . . just a quick easy-to-read list separated into simple categories.

General Stuff

  • We will carry the appropriate insurance required by the State of Texas.
  • We will furnish all materials and supplies needed for our work.
  • We use only company employees for work and no subcontractors are used.
  • If we need to change or add to the work we do and it will add more costs, we will do another contract for that new work, and only with your approval.

Work Specific Stuff

  • We will meet the intent of the work per the house leveling repair plan details, scope of work, videos, and notes on your diagram page.
  • We guarantee that the specific materials we describe are the ones that we will use.
  • If additional wood materials are identified as unusable, we will replace the bad stuff with your informed consent at $15 per linear foot.
  • We will protect or move and return landscaping, but can’t promise it will survive.
  • If tunneling is needed after house raising, then it’s $250 per foot. Rarely happens.

Clean-Up Stuff

  • We will clean up the job site and remove all excess dirt and debris.

What Will Anchor Foundation Repair NOT Take Care Of?

These are things that we don’t do or don’t take care of because it’s not part of our “scope of work.” Some of these are things that you will have to pay someone else separately to repair for you or fix on your own however you choose. 

We’re not trying to be mean here, these are just not part of the services we provide.

drywall repair

Contractual Things

  • Conversations will not change the written terms of this agreement.

Responsibility Things

Explain the Warranty and Service Agreement Terms, Please . . .

Anchor Foundation Repair Warranty

We have a limited warranty and service agreement for our house leveling services. The warranty extends for 3 years after the time of original work. We provide a service agreement that has reasonable adjustment costs should you need them within the 3-year timeframe. Please note that we will only adjust the work that we installed. 

Here’s the rundown . . .

  1. Within one year of repair, we will adjust your crawl space foundation at no cost.
  2. For years 2 and 3, the cost to adjust is $195 per crew hour.
  3. The Warranty and Service Agreement is fully transferable to a new owner of the home should you sell within that 3-year period.

We strongly recommend periodic maintenance for crawl space homes after the 3-year warranty period. Make plans in your budget for reshimming maintenance every 5 to 8 years to keep your pier and beam or block and base home as stable and secure as possible.

Can I Trust Anchor With My House Leveling?

As with most products and services, you have choices. The same goes for house leveling contractors in the Brazos Valley.

At Anchor Foundation Repair, we are the voice of trust for all your foundation repair questions and needs. We have repaired 5,000+ homes and inspected at least triple that number in the Brazos Valley area and are ready to help you through this project with confidence.

We place the highest importance on your comfort level and want you to feel great and be knowledgeable about your house leveling decisions. Want to know more about the warranty for pier and beam or crawl space homes? Check out the details of Anchor’s House Leveling Warranty here.