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How much will foundation repair cost for my home?

You want a general idea of how much your foundation repairs could cost without jumping through hoops and giving out your email.

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This tool gives you a ballpark figure of what you might need to spend on foundation repairs with Anchor. If you’re okay with the estimate, get a formal quote and In-Home Assessment visit whenever you’re ready.

Foundation Repair Solutions for the Brazos Valley

Foundation repair costs
Foundation Repair Estimator

Foundation Repair Estimator

Having Trouble with the Details? Get Help Below

Help Determining the Square Footage of Your Home

  1. Find the survey or paperwork from the purchase of your home and see if it’s listed somewhere
  2. Check your most recent property tax statement
  3. Look it up online through your Central Appraisal District property search (Google your County of residence + CAD ex. Brazos CAD)
  4. Ask your favorite Realtor® to look it up for you

Help Figuring Out the Affected Perimeter in Feet

  1. Determine which exterior walls of your home are showing any signs of foundation problems
  2. Measure the linear feet of all the affected exterior walls OR get the measurements from your home survey OR Google Maps
  3. Add up the linear feet of all affected exterior walls (ex. if 2 walls are affected, add the feet of each wall together for a total perimeter)
  4. For more detailed help, read this article about how to calculate foundation repair costs

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