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In Caldwell, where the weather ranges from hot and dry in the summer to mild but wet in the winter, the foundation of your home can take a real beating. During the summer months where droughts are common, the water evaporates from the concrete in your foundation and the soil and dirt that its built in. This combination can lead to cracks in your foundation, compromised structural integrity, and settling of the foundation into the ground. During the hot summer months and periods of drought, the dry air causes the water in the concrete to evaporate. This can cause your foundation to start cracking and a weakening of the foundation. Hot weather also causes the soil to dry out, which can lead to foundation settling because there is less moisture in the soil. In the winter months, the cold weather can cause the concrete in your foundation to contract, only for the opposite to happen in the spring. This cycle can cause your foundation to sink into the ground, often unevenly, so your foundation can become uneven as well.

Bell Bottom Pier installation at a house in Caldwell, TX

Anchor Foundation Repair has been working on foundations in Caldwell, TX for decades. Being homeowners ourselves, when we come to inspect your foundation, we always hope we find nothing wrong. If you do have signs of a cracking or weakening foundation, we always lay out every option on the table. Our goal is for you to save money, do what needs to be done to preserve your foundation, and keep your family safe. However, if you are in need of our foundation repair services, Anchor Foundation Repair is the best in the business, the most reliable and honest in the Brazos Valley area, and your neighbors in Caldwell, TX can tell you that your foundation will be stable for years to come after we’ve finished repairing your foundation.

If you do think you may need Anchor Foundation Repair to come inspect your foundation, here are a few warning signs and symptoms to look for:

  • Stuck or sticking doors
  • Cracked sheetrock
  • Humps, sags, or uneven flooring
  • Baseboard separation from flooring
  • Floor resonance (i.e. your floor feels weak or “shaky” when walking across it)
  • Damp or musty smells coming from the attic
  • Soft, weak, or spongy floors that “give” when stepping or pushing on them

Our Repair Methods


With time, the Brazos Valley weather can be hard on your foundation, causing uneven settling. Your floors may start to give, bounce, or become spongy. To align the beams, our experienced foundation repair experts use cedar shingles to support the wooden joists and floors in your house.


If there is too much of a span between piers, you may notice humps and sagging in your floors. Anchor Foundation Repair always looks to use the most cost efficient methods to save on your repair costs, so we may recommend adding new concrete blocks instead of drilling new bell bottom piers. Another option is to install a 4″ x 6″ shaker sill to provide extra support.

Wood Replacement

Poor ventilation in your attic or crawl space, or uneven soil levels under your house can cause rotting in the foundation. To prevent subfloors from forming, our repair technicians may remove and replace the rotted material.

Traditional Bell Bottom Piers

Both exterior grade beams and typical slabs can settle. Our solution is to install drilled bell bottom piers on your house’s exterior to restore it to its originally constructed plane.