The Longest-Lasting Foundation Repair Method

Make Your Home Level and Stable Again and Don’t Worry About it for Decades

More than 4000 foundations repaired

A Solid Foundation Means a Safe and Beautiful Home

We get it – thinking about the foundation of your home is not as fun as remodeling your living room or kitchen. But even though it’s overlooked, making sure your foundation is secure should be a top priority for every homeowner.

Protect your biggest investment – your home. Make sure it stands on a strong foundation that won’t cause you worry, stress, or embarrassment.

Our signature bell bottom piers outperform and last longer than more vulnerable pressed piles. We use this technique to better overcome the effects of our area’s poor soil conditions.

Your home will stay in place and you can enjoy it worry-free for decades.

bell-bottom piers

Signs Your Home’s Foundation Needs Some Attention

When we come to your house for the assessment, our main goal is to offer you a complete understanding of the problem you’re faced with. Whether it’s a cracked wall or a swinging door, we don’t want you to worry. We’ll work together to find the best possible option for your unique foundation repair. Here are the most common signs of foundation problems:


A Long-Lasting Foundation in 3 Easy Steps

As we repair your foundation, we want to make sure you understand what’s going on beneath your house. We’ve designed our process to keep you free from worry over what comes next.We aim to create an honest partnership that leaves you feeling taken care of and assured.

1. Phone Consultation

If you have any concerns about your home, get in touch with us to describe the issues you’ve identified. We’ll get back to you with a free phone consultation and schedule an In-Home Assessment if you choose to move forward.

foundation repair BCS

2. We Get to Work

After the assessment, we’ll go over the details and address any questions you might have. As we work on your home, we’ll keep you updated during every step of the process for a spectacularly informed experience.

home foundation repair

3. Your Solid Foundation

Now that your foundation is restored to its complete functionality, your home is "on solid ground." Feel free to paint your walls without worrying about cracks, redecorate as you please, and feel proud of your home's appearance once again.

Foundation Repair Prices

We focus on providing the highest-quality and longest-lasting foundation repair for our area’s unique and expansive clay soil conditions.

Minimal Foundation Repair*


Working on a small portion of your home

Average Foundation Repair*


A home that needs partial work around the exterior

Extensive Foundation Repair*

$40k +

A home with settlement on all sides and the interior

*Prices are averages and may change depending on the extent of the repairs needed, the number of piers needed, and any underlying issues that we identify at the in-home assessment. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique foundation repair job after the in-home assessment.

We seek to continually grow in our relationships with our customers and in support of our community.

What Homeowners Like You Say


From the time of our initial consultation and estimate we felt comfortable and confident that Craig and his crews would take care of us.

They all did exactly that!
The crews were prompt and on time everyday, kept the work areas clean and safe and always cleaned up prior to leaving each day.

We feel that they went beyond the scope of the original consultation to ensure that our house was leveled and properly supported for years to come.

We would highly recommend Anchor Foundation Repair, Craig Tripp and Eduardo’s crew for any of your foundation issues.

Brannon & Tracey Hershey


Anchor once again knocked it out of the park. The crew was professional and clean. They even left the area around the job site cleaner and more organized than it was before they got there.

They wanted me to come take a look at their work before they left and asked if I had any questions or if there was anything else they could do for me.

Great company, great crew.

Jason Johnson


Anchor Foundation repaired our home just over 2 years ago, before we bought it.

We were noticing cracking in the walls that was getting worse so I emailed to see what needed to be done. After some email and phone conversations to determine what was going on, Craig came out and took a look around. 

He said there was some minor adjusting they could do, covered under warranty, so free of charge to us. At their first free day, they came out and had it all done and our property out back to right within the day.

I would highly recommend Anchor Foundation Repair for any foundation repair needs.

Stacy Guerrero

Secure The Foundation of Your Home and Leave the Worry Behind for Good

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