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After over 30 years and over 4,000 satisfied customers, we fully believe that our techniques, experience, and our honest service makes us the top option for foundation repair in the Brazos Valley.

Infographic: Bell Bottom Pier vs. Pressed Pile Foundation Repair Technique

Advantages of the Bell Bottom Pier

Steel Reinforced Concrete

The pier cap and shaft are reinforced with 3 pieces of 1/2″ thick steel rebar to ensure maximum strength and long-term stability for the structure.

Concrete Poured Monolithically

The concrete is poured and it cures all at once (monolithically), as opposed to in segments, which protects from any damage caused by rocks, roots and other debris.

Bell Bottom Shape Prevents Uplift

The unique and wide shape at the base of the pier prevents uplift from the stable soil underneath, which causes unwanted movement in your foundation.

Disadvantages of the Bell Bottom Pier

Longer Process

Longer curing period for concrete (up to 2 weeks) before the project can be fully completed.

Higher Cost

Higher cost per pier because of the higher quality and more time required for labor.

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