Handle Your Under-Slab Leaks with Tunneling And Avoid the Inside Mess

Access Any Underground or Plumbing Issue Outside Your Living Space by Tunneling Underneath the Home Instead of Breaking Through Your Slab

1000+ Under-Slab Tunnels Completed in the Brazos Valley Area

Under-Slab Tunneling: a Less-Hassle Approach to Underground Repairs

Home plumbing issues are unpleasant, inconvenient, and nerve-wracking. A leak underneath your foundation caused by broken, rusted, or damaged drain lines is common and tricky to handle. Do you break through the slab for this? Are there other options?

While you would expect to turn your home upside down for such a repair, you don’t need to with under-slab tunneling. We excavate a tunnel underneath your foundation to give plumbers convenient access to the problem from the outside.

Tunneling is a non-invasive way to get any under-slab plumbing work done with less hassle. Plus, Anchor’s expert-level backfilling method uses mud-pumping to secure your home.

live undisrupted during plumbing repairs with tunneling

Keep on Living Inside Your Clean Home and Leave the Mess Outside

The biggest advantage of under-slab tunneling is the ability to repair under-slab plumbing issues from the outside rather than inside. You don’t have to fill your home with dust and debris, disrupting your life while plumbers take care of the problem.

There’s no need to rip a hole into your beautiful flooring or slab. Breaking through your foundation could leave you unable to use a bathroom or kitchen for weeks. Even worse, you then have to spend extra money replacing or repairing flooring afterward.

With under-slab tunneling, we help you address the issue while keeping the damage at bay and the chaos away. 


No-Mess Under-Slab Tunnels In 3 Easy Steps

We understand finding any issue underneath your house can be a great cause of worry. That’s why we’ve designed our process to answer all your concerns and keep you free from worry over what comes next. We aim to create an honest partnership that leaves you feeling taken care of and important.

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1. Phone Consultation

If you or your plumber have identified an underground issue that can’t be accessed from the inside, get in touch with us. We’ll have a phone consultation and will schedule an In-Home Assessment to meet your tunneling needs.

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2. We Get to Work

After the assessment, we’ll go over the details and address any questions you might have. As we dig the tunnel, we’ll keep you updated with every step of the process to ensure your experience is nothing but spectacular.

home foundation repair

3. Enjoy Your Home

Many companies will dig your tunnel and leave it. At Anchor Foundation Repair, the last step of the repair job is to fill the tunnel back with dirt and cement. This secures the plumbing structure to help prevent other long-term issues.

Under-Slab Tunneling Prices

The prices for tunneling under the house depends on the length of the tunnel. Filling the tunnel back in after the plumbing job is complete and mud-pumping slurry for long term stability is included in the prices below.

Base Under-Slab Tunneling*

4 feet of tunneling or less


A tunnel reaching to a plumbing issue closer to the outside wall of the house

Average Under-Slab Tunneling*

12-15 feet of tunneling


A tunnel reaching to a plumbing issue towards the center of the house

Extensive Under-Slab Tunneling*

60+ feet of tunneling


Tunneling the whole drain line structure of your house for extensive repairs

*Prices are averages and may change depending on any underlying issues that we identify at the In-Home Assessment. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique under-slab job after the In-Home Assessment.

Under-Slab Tunneling Portfolio

We seek to continually grow in our relationships with our customers and in support of our community.

What Homeowners Like You Say


We have had several large jobs completed by Anchor Foundation successfully throughout a span of SEVERAL years and have always been very pleased with the service, detail, and communication from Anchor Foundation!

Brook Side


Very professional locally owned company.

Had Craig out to do an inspection, very honest doesn’t try to sell you something you don’t need.

I felt he did a great job explaining current condition of foundation.



Craig is quick to respond, and has a very friendly, efficient, and professional crew.

Stood by the warranty with no questions when the heavy rains came through and we had to re-level.

10/10 would recommend.

Chisum Womack

Access Plumbing Issues Under Your Home and Keep the Mess Outside and Away from Your Family

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